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Ford Servicing and Repair

Fords have shown themselves to be amongst the world’s most popular cars due to their advanced design and excellent reliability. At Under The Bonnet Ltd our motto is “Driven to Care” which focuses on both you and your car. Because we do not have the same overheads as main dealers, we can keep our prices down WITHOUT compromising on the quality of the parts or of the service we give. We use main dealer specification parts which makes sure that any warranty you have is protected.

For our service prices, we use a fixed price service board which means you only pay depending on the size of the engine. As an example, a full service including main dealer specification parts, all labour and VAT is just £159.95 for a 1.6l Ford Focus. So call us on 01604 499790 or email on to book you car in. We will even pick it up and drop it off FREE OF CHARGE to make sure you are not inconvenienced at all!

The same care and attention is given to repairs on your Ford. We can do all the usual repairs (brakes, exhaust, clutches, etc) as well as the more detailed things like complete engine replacements! Thankfully engine replacements don’t happen very often and are usually due to the customer forgetting the cambelt change or, as we have had recently, driving through water that was a lot deeper than expected!

Contact us today for a no obligation quote and enjoy the friendly but professional service that you and your car deserves.