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Car Air Conditioning Northampton

Under The Bonnet offers a car air conditioning service in Northampton. 

We service and re-gas your vehicle’s air conditioning unit for a competitive price. Please call us to confirm the recharge quantity for your individual vehicle.

Our car air conditioning repairs Northampton remove excess water, air and dirt from your vehicle’s system. The most advisable time for a service is after winter when the vast majority of drivers have had their car air conditioning turned off for a few months.

Your car air conditioning unit could need servicing or repairing for a range of reasons. It could be because the interior of your car takes longer to cool than it used to, or that your vehicle’s aircon omits a bad smell.

Our service includes a full analysis of all system components and the refrigerants as well as temperature evaluation and pressure assessment and adjustment.

Contact Under The Bonnet to book your next car air conditioning service in Northampton.